The Perytons™ Bluetooth Smart Protocol Analyzers product line is an indispensable sniffing and analysis tool for sniffing, troubleshooting, and analyzing Bluetooth Smart (also known as Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE) traffic and transactions. ; in their development, integration, installation, monitoring, and troubleshooting processes. Whether involved in implementations such as wearable, healthcare, iBeacon, Home Automation, retail, etc.; our Protocol Analyzers are critical for all stages of the product/application development cycle and contribute to its smooth and quick introduction to the market.

laptop-smallOn top of supporting the Bluetooth Smart protocol, Perytons Smart environment allows also customization of the application environment and/or proprietary layers via relevant available add-ons that can run on top of the basic licensed models.
Planning for the future of the Bluetooth Smart protocol (Bluetooth Smart Mesh, 6LoWPAN over Bluetooth Smart, etc.), using standard off-the-shelf available front-ends and equipped with an easy to learn and intuitive user interface, our analyzers are the tool of choice for developers, Quality Assurance engineers, technical support and system integrators.

Designed for Desktop or Laptop PCs, the Perytons Bluetooth Smart Protocol Analyzers (or BLE Sniffer ) are distinguished by their sniffing capabilities (e.g. single front-end vs. multiple front-ends).

The Perytons Bluetooth Smart Protocol Analyzers support standard front-ends (we include the needed hardware as part of our sold products to allow immediate out-of-the-box use – USB dongle(s)s/modules and USB HUB when relevant).

The Perytons Bluetooth Smart Protocol Analyzers are based on a single sophisticated core software structure built of different views and options. This approach addresses different personnel analysis needs usually required throughout the R&D cycle and allows easy upgrade from basic to more sophisticated models and add-ons as the need for such appear.

As a member of the Bluetooth SIG, we closely and quickly follow-up on changes and new features introduced from time to time in order to provide our partners and customers with the latest and greatest analysis solution available in the market.

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Peryton-Smart - The Single BLE Sniffer Front-End model

When dealing with a fully-controlled development environment (where the ‘Slave’ device can be set to initiate a Bluetooth Smart session on any of the 3 specific advertisement channels – 37, 38 or 39), the Peryton Smart analyzer can be a suitable professional entry-level model with which the Bluetooth Smart V4.1 session can be captured and analyzed in detail using the integrated different views and options.
The Peryton-Smart BLE Sniffer uses a single front-end that is set to capture one of the three Bluetooth Smart advertisement channels at a given time and automatically follows the frequency hoping Bluetooth Smart session between the ‘Slave’ and ‘Master’ as soon as the connection control messages are captured. bookSmall

You can read a relevant whitepaper about the difference of capturing a Bluetooth Smart session using a single or multiple front-ends environments here.

The different models of the Perytons Bluetooth Smart Protocol Analyzers support standard front-ends (we include the needed hardware as part of our sold products to allow immediate out-of-the-box use – USB dongle(s)s/modules and USB HUB when relevant).

The modular nature of our models allows to easily start by using the Peryton-Smart (single-fron-end analyzer) and upgrade the license to a Peryton-Smart3 (multiple-front-ends analyzer) one or add required Add-Ons to the license as relevant needs are encountered.

Peryton-Smart3 and Smart7 - The multiple Front-Ends BLE Sniffer models

Equipped with three or seven separate front-ends (for the Smart3 and Smart7 models respectively), each three front-ends tuned to capture a different advertisement channel – 37, 38 and 39, and an additional device used to ensure high time accuracy among messages received on any of the 3 advertisement channels; the Peryton-Smart3/Smart7 models allows ‘listening’ to all the three advertisement channels in parallel before a Bluetooth Smart V4.1 session is initiated and to follow the frequency-hop algorithm lead by any specific connection triggered on any of the three advertisement channels.
This model addresses also possible communication schemes entirely performed only over the three advertisement channels without involving the other 37 Bluetooth Smart defined ‘data’ channels – e.g. iBeacon.
When adding (as an Add-On) the Peryton-Bluetooth Smart Mesh Simulation capability (Traffic Generator or TG Add-On) to the Peryton-Smart3 or Peryton-Smart7, the tool optionally becomes very useful for preparing modules and applications aimed to be used in a Bluetooth Smart Mesh environment.

Similar to the single front-end Peryton-Smart model, the Peryton-Smart3 and Peryton-Smart7 analyzers use standard, of–the-shelf front-ends for its operation which are included in the product when purchased (USB dongles/modules and USB HUB) for immediate out-of-the-box operation. bookSmall

Perytons viewer - with no capture capability

For cases when there is no need to capture data for analysis (e.g. for viewing and analyzing data that has been captured by models with single or multi-channel capture capability), the Peryton-V (View-only with NO capture capabilities, ‘back-office” Protocol Analyzer model) can be used.
Read the brochure about the Peryton-V Protocol Analyzer model.…

The Perytons BLE Sniffer Add-Ons

The Perytons Protocol Analyzers Add-Ons introduce additional dimensions of flexibility that assist in implementing special features and possibilities within the Perytons Bluetooth Smart Protocol Analyzers environment.